Additional Services* | Advanced Project Delivery Provided By Us or Our Consultants...

-Reimbursable Expenses
   Including, but not limited to, reproduction/ printing costs,
   travel expenses and special mail service expenses, and of course all consultants not included in Basic Services.  
   Administrative Fee is Added.
-Feasibility Studies/ Analysis
-LEED Consultation
-Owner Requested Changes to Approved Documents
-Facility Programming
-Graphic and Signage Design
-Master Planning
-Special Code Reviews
-Soils Investigations/Reports
-Detailed Cost Estimates
-Surveys -Topographic/Boundary
-Documents Prepared For:
-Alternate Bids Exceeding Contract Scope
-Measured Drawings of Existing Facilities
-Excessive Change Orders
-Existing Facilities Analysis
-Multiple Construction Contracts
-Toxic Substance Mitigation Surveys and Consultation
-Record Documents/As Builts
-Site Environmental Assessments
-Prolonged Construction Contract Administration Services
-Site DRI, PUD, Site Plan Review and/or Zoning Modifications
-Structural Threshold Inspections
-Traffic Analysis and Traffic Signal Warrant Studies
-Project Representation During
-Civil Engineering Design including Paving/Grading/Utilities
  /Drainage/Stormwater Management/Environmental
  & All Site
-Additional Construction Contract  
-Construction Administration when Construction Period is extended beyone contract.
-Administration Services for Multiple Contracts
-Existing Site Utility Infrastructure Improvements
-Building Commissioning and Training Services
-Site Lighting Design
-Post Occupancy Inspections/ Evaluations
-Landscape Architectural & Irrigation Design
-Renderings/ Models
-Specialty Consultants
-Substantive Changes to Scope, Size or Complexity
-Voice/Data Communications; Electronic/Audio Visual; Food Service Equipment; Hazardous Material;
   Hospital/Laboratory; Interior Design; Indoor Air Quality; Quality Control; Theater/Acoustical; Security
-Life Cycle Cost (ROI) and/or Federal DOE Energy Analysis
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