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We're not a slick group trying to sell all the services we can...mainly just the guy you see above-doing what he can to build or improve the built and surrounding environment - one project at a time. You can jump right into my site by clicking here...for other links click below:  

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Off-the-Grid Project Videos...Here's a chance to see what amateurs can do with a little guidance...the process is not always pretty or sane...but it worked...a realistic case-study of an off-the-grid home we're assisting a disabled Veteran with...a pro-bono project near the Canadian border in Washington state.  Yes...we have special rates for disabled veterans of any war-residential, farm/ranch and smaller commercial projects only. overview of selected projects I've been a part of over the years

Figuring out PCR's, LCA's, EPD's & HPD's? for the new LEEDv4?: Contact me or our friends, the professionals at ElixerEnvironmental...they will be happy to help you out...tell them I sent you...they even have courses and webinars available through GreenCE a lot of info and guidance available.

Permaculture: learn to turn your yard from a consumer to a provider...plant things that will feed you for more than one is always better than St. Augustine grass!

Something else? Rainwater, solar, net-zero, organic, alternative building systems, repurposing/recyling, ancient or historic building, disaster preparedness(prepping), doing it yourself?...let's discuss...use the contact form!

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